After Covid-19

Could COVID-19 change our lives forever?

Mar 29, 2020

so we all know that our world is suffering from corona nowadays. and we all know that, it is so dangerous for future.

The new coronavirus pandemic is upending life as we know it.

More than one-quarter of the world’s 7.8 billion people are now largely confined to their homes, as governments step up curbs on movement and social contact in a bid to contain the virus.

In many parts of the world, borders are closed, airports, hotels and businesses shut, and school cancelled. These unprecedented measures are tearing at the social fabric of some societies and disrupting many economies, resulting in mass job losses and raising the spectre of widespread hunger.

After all this things we can consider that Covid-19 could change our life in some different way. Our Economy, population, financial growth, mass job losses all will be change. this all are can effect our life. this can also increasing the chances of world war. so we have to fight with this Covid-19 together.

We have to support our government for our better future.